Testimonials from our customers - appliances repair
  • "Our old LG refrigerator wouldn’t cool like it should and we were bummed. We were hoping to get by until next year before buying a new one, but we were sure we would have to replace it. My wife thought we should give Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair a call anyway to look at it.
    The repair technician was very polite and professional. He checked out the fridge and gave us great news…it was the thermostat and not the cooling system! The cost was reasonable and didn’t break our budget, so we’re thrilled. That was 2 months ago and the refrigerator is working great. We’ll definitely them again for any kind of appliance repair we need!"

    Wallace and Marta in Scottsdale

  • "I’m happy to recommend Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair to others. They fixed my Sub-Zero refrigerator and my Whirlpool clothes washer in the last few months and did a very good job on both. They are working just fine. Keep up the good work Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair!"

    Victor in Tempe

  • "Thanks for fixing our Kenmore dryer last week. It wasn’t getting hot, so I figured the element wasn’t working and I’d have to buy a new dryer. My Dad mentioned that it might be worth it to have you look at it since you had fixed a couple of appliances for him and saved him a bunch of money.
    I called you late one afternoon and you sent someone out in the morning. I’ve had to wait days for appliance repair in Scottsdale, so I was impressed with how quick you got here. You gave the dryer a very thorough inspection and found that a moisture sensor was bad and not the heating element. You told me that the rest of the dryer looked to be in pretty good condition even though it’s 9 years old.
    I was expecting to spend $500 or more on a new dryer and instead I got away for less than $150! My Dad was right…and I’ll call you first next time before I decide to replace any of my major appliances."

    Mark in Chandler

  • "A friend told me to call Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair when my garbage disposer jammed up and started smelling like burned wires. The service guy confirmed that the old one was fried and gave me a really good estimate on a new Insinkerator. The price was affordable and the new disposer can handle small bones which the old one couldn’t do. I don’t like spending money, but I felt I got my money’s worth from the exchange."

    Abby in Fountain Hills

  • "Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair fixed my AC last summer so when my dishwasher started making noise and leaking I gave them a call. The Bosch dishwasher is 7 years old and it’s the first problem it has had. It took about 10 minutes to find the problem. I was given a written estimate for the repairs and they stuck to the cost. No surprises. Runs quiet now and no more leaks."

    Ramon in Phoenix

  • "I panicked when my Frigidaire refrigerator quit working. I called 5 Scottsdale appliance repair companies and none of them answered the phone. I had a thawed turkey in the fridge along with 3 gallons of milk, eggs, fresh salmon, etc. Didn’t know what I’d do with it all.
    Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair was the 6th company I called and they answered the phone immediately. Long and short of it is that they had my refrigerator fixed later that day and all the fresh food was fine.
    My Mom has a Maytag dryer that isn’t running very well and an old Samsung freezer she wants to get working again. I recommended this appliance repair service without hesitation!"

    Sally in Glendale

  • "When my clothes washer recently broke down, I started asking friend for recommendations. The first 3 of them said things like, “I’ve used so and so, but their prices are too high,” or “The last time I called an appliance repair company to fix anything, the dryer was broke again in a week.”
    Then someone told me that Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair had fixed a Viking refrigerator and a Wolf oven for them, and that they both have worked perfect since. When I called, the company was willing to work around my schedule and get here when it was convenient for me. They showed up on time, diagnosed the problem, got the part needed and had my washing machine back in business quickly.
    I laughed 2 days later when another friend, Antonio, asked me if I knew a good Fountain Hills appliance repair company. I had a few of their cards in my purse and was able to give him one. Antonio later called to say Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair fixed his gas stove for a great price!"

    Becky in Mesa

  • "When I retired from the army last month and moved into a home in Scottsdale, my sister gave me a GE stove she said was 20 years old. I figured I’d have someone look at it to see if it could be fixed. The Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair repairman did a thorough job of checking it out. He made a few minor repairs and replaced 2 of the elements. It works very well, and the price was very affordable."

    Gregory in Surprise

  • "Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair fixed my Asko clothes dryer last week, and I appreciate it. They got here quickly and the price was very reasonable…qualities I haven’t found in other local appliance companies. I highly recommend Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair to others."

    Dex in Fountain Hills

  • "I’ve got a Jenn-Air built-in refrigerator that started leaking last month and the freezer wasn’t as cold as it should be. I figured the repairs would be really expensive since the refrigerator itself is expensive. I’m glad to say that I was wrong!
    The service technician from Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair was very helpful. He showed me what the problem was and gave me a written estimate for the repairs which I approved. He was able to get the needed part and had the unit repaired the next day. No more problems.
    A friend in my neighborhood recommended this appliance repair company to me, and now I’ll be recommending Scottsdale Appliance and AC Repair to all my friends in the vally."

    Rick in Scottsdale